WCSS: Advanced Operator Safety

  • Affordable
  • Easy to Install
  • The additional line of defense to help protect operators from…

Life Changing Accidents
and Fatalities

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Wood Chipper Safety Shield

WCSS is available on new and used
Hydraulic Infeed Wood Chippers
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Shopping for new wood chippers:  This advanced technology is available factory direct from Salsco, Inc. as the Salsco Safety Shield.


Nothing can take the place of Performance Based Training

In an industry that has inherent risks, workers must diligently adhere to safe operating procedures.  But when the unexpected happens The Wood Chipper Safety Shield adds that additional line of defense to protect the operator form life changing injuries and possible death. 

Wood Chipper Safety Shield

When the unexpected happens and training is not enough the technology of WCSS steps in:

These machines pull material into the feed hopper at 120 feet a minute. At this speed, a trapped operator has
.75 seconds to DO something….

Self-activated rescuing mechanisms on the machine:

  • If you are unconscious, you may not BUMP that bottom bump bar to stop the machine.
  • If you panic, you may not be able to PULL the last chance cables.
  • If you are alone no one will PUSH the reversing bar or the stop button.

The Advanced Operator Safety from WCSS is the extra line of defense you need to help stop the machine.

Wood Chipper Safety Shield
Wood Chipper Safety Shield

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